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      A complete reproduction and restoration of J. G. Heck and Spencer F. Baird’s collection of 13,000+ illustrations from 1851

    • Making of British & Exotic Mineralogy

      Have you ever had an idea that sticks with you? One popped into my head when I stumbled across James Sowerby’s massive collection of mineral illustrations from the nineteenth century. I naively wondered how they would look arranged by color in a big collage and spent the next three and a half months making it happen with British & Exotic Mineralogy…and learning new levels of patience along the way.

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    • Making of the Illustrations of the Natural Orders of Plants

      If someone told me when I was young that I would spend three months of my time tracing nineteenth century botanical illustrations and enjoy it, I would have scoffed, but that’s what I did to reproduce Elizabeth Twining’s Illustrations of the Natural Orders of Plants and I loved every minute.