The Weirdest Bug I’ve Seen Yet

    In an investigation for an on call issue, we followed a series of incorrect hypotheses before ultimately discovering a surprise at the end of the debugging rainbow.

    How Did Courtney Dauwalter Get So Damn Fast?

    This summer Courtney Dauwalter made history, becoming the first athlete to win the three biggest races in ultrarunning in the same year: the Hardrock 100, the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, and the Western States Endurance Run. What’s her secret?

    Gift Article: My Father, My Faith, and Donald Trump

    Here, in our house of worship, people were taunting me about politics as I tried to mourn.

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    5 Ways To Work Effectively With Someone You Really Don’t Like

    Work can be full of stressors, but one of the most challenging situations is when you must work with someone you don’t like, don’t get along. Key strategies can help.

    My techno-optimism

    Dark Mode Toggle 2023 Nov 27 See all posts My techno-optimism Special thanks to Morgan Beller, Juan Benet, Eli Dourado, Karl Floersch, Sriram Krishnan, Nate…

    Neil Gaiman's Radical Vision for the Future of the Internet - Cal Newport

    Earlier this week, Neil Gaiman was interviewed on Icelandic television. Around the twenty-five minute mark of the program, the topic turned to the author’s thoughts ... Read more

    Wooden Shoes and Marihuana

    ...or the proper way to run a country