The Massive Effort to Change the Way Kids Are Taught to Read

    “A lot of times the teachers have no idea that they’re not teaching things that are beneficial to the kids”

    This Bike Company Launched a Black Reparations Program. Then the Lawyers Called.

    Rivendell Bicycle Works built a loyal following by ignoring convention. But what happens when good intentions spark public outrage in a country divided?

    The Curiosity Chronicle | The Most Powerful Decision Making Razors

    The Curiosity Chronicle has quickly become one of the most popular newsletters for growth-minded individuals in the world. Each week, subscribers receive a deep dive that covers topics ranging from growth and decision-making to business, finance, startups, and technology. In addition, subscribers receive The Friday Five, a weekly newsletter with five ideas curated to spark curiosity headed into the weekend.

    Chris Ballew Went Platinum On The Way To Becoming Caspar Babypants

    Ballew sees his career as a series of arcs. When one arc comes to an end, another one begins.

    Automatic Mileage Logbook For Taxes

    Do you dread tax season because you have to go through all of your old receipts to calculate your mileage? Well, there’s a solution for that! Automatic mileage logbooks keep track of your mileage throughout the year, so you don’t have to. Contents Do you dread tax season because you have to go through all […]

    Suboptimal Optics: Vision Problems as Scars of Evolutionary History - Evolution: Education and Outreach

    The human eye is an excellent example of suboptimal bottom-up design resulting from the constraints of evolutionary historical contingency. The resulting suboptimal optics manifests in a number of medical ophthalmological disorders.