Maria Konnikova Shows Her Cards

    The well-regarded science writer took up poker while researching a book. Now she’s on the professional circuit.

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    Burt Britton, a Book Lover if Ever There Was One, Dies at 84

    He had intimate knowledge of every shelf at the Strand, was a partner in another bookstore and, when not reading, collected celebrities’ self portraits.

    Trump, Palantir, and the Battle to Clean Up a Huge Army Procurement Swamp

    Will the President help Peter Thiel’s company, which says it has a product that could save soldier’s lives?

    Number of people sleeping in McDonald’s soars six-fold in five years

    Study finds that, surprisingly, many who chose to spend their nights in branches of the fast-food chain have homes of their own

    See No Evil

    Software helps companies coordinate the supply chains that sustain global capitalism. How does the code work—and what does it conceal?

    What the West Is Becoming | National Review

    A new democratic — or chaotic — world order has arrived.

    Community Plumbing: A History of the Hardware Store

    Let’s hear it for the neighborhood hardware store. Here, amidst the nuts and bolts, we cultivate the potential to order things, places, communities, politics, and values — we might even say, to build and repair worlds.