• Family

    Minimalism Is Neat, but Clutter Makes a Home

    I don’t love the look of mismatched junk, but the mess satisfies a deeper emotional need.

    Coming face to face with inmates in El Salvador's mega-jail

    The BBC’s Leire Ventas is granted rare access to Cecot, a secretive maximum security prison.

    The anti-woke hero's journey

    The conversion narratives of Bill Ackman and Elon Musk

    The Third Gemini

    We have now had a little over a week with Gemini Advanced, based on Gemini Ultra. A few reviews are in. Not that many, though, compared to what I would have expected, or what I feel the situation calls for. This is yet another case of there being an obvious thing lots of people should do, and almost no one doing it. Should we use Gemini Advanced versus ChatGPT? Which tasks are better for one versus the other?

    • Arts

    Art in Multiples, Back at the Armory

    The Print Fair returns to Park Avenue, with a critic’s advice on connoisseurship, and where the buys are.

    How a ragtag band of internet friends became the best at forecasting world events

    What the Samotsvety group can teach us about predicting the future.

    Silicon Valley Has a Harvard Problem

    The Silicon Valley establishment has grown so suspicious and fearful of original and authentic belief.