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    Is This the Underground Everest?

    Far beneath a remote mountain range in Uzbekistan, explorers are delving into a labyrinth that could be the world's deepest cave.

    Modern JavaScript for Ancient Web Developers

    There’s a certain kind of old-school, backend web developer who, a long time ago, mastered things like Perl or Python or PHP or Java Server…

    • Sport

    Andre Agassi: ‘One day your entire way of life ends. It’s a kind of death’ | Donald McRae

    The former world No1 tells Donald McRae about life after tennis married to Steffi Graf, another of the sport’s biggest names: ‘If I went back in time I would probably retire sooner’

    Clarkesworld Magazine - Science Fiction & Fantasy

    Margaret Henderson Wu was riding a proxy by telepresence deep inside Tigris Rift when Dzu Sho summoned her. The others in her crew had given up one by one and…

    Behind bars: one academic’s experience of an Indian prison

    James Tooley reflects on who helped him, who let him down and what he learned from his time in prison in Hyderabad

    The Curious State of Apple Product Pricing

    As Apple pushes deeper into luxury brand territory, the company is making its products more accessible through lower pricing. At $159, Apple is underpricing AirPods. The same can be said for Apple Watch, priced at $269. In just ten years, we have moved from the "Apple Tax" days, when

    Hugo Suggestions 2017

    Time again (seeing as nominations close in a couple of days), for Hugo nominations suggestions, or, more precisely, an excuse to briefly talk about books that I read in the f/sf genre last year and…