• News & Politics

    Hillary Clinton was right about the "deplorables" — and about the end of Roe v. Wade

    Still hate Hillary's guts? Fine. But let's admit that she saw all this coming — and way before the rise of Trump

    How we came to depend on the week despite its artificiality | Aeon Essays

    The week is the most artificial and recent of our time counts yet it’s impossible to imagine our shared lives without it

    The Driver Who Hit Me Got Two Years in Prison. But I Got a Life Sentence.

    I’ve been unprepared for everything that’s happened to me since a criminal driver plowed into me in July 2019, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that I was also unprepared for the feelings that confronting my attacker in court stirred up

    • job secrets

    10 Secrets of Christmas Tree Farmers

    That tapered Christmas tree silhouette? It takes a lot of work.

    • Science & Health

    Why Christmas tree farming is actually (sometimes) eco-friendly

    Paradoxically, the process of farming (and tossing) Christmas trees can actually remove carbon from the atmosphere

    The Incredible Tale of the Greatest Toy Man You've Never Known

    He brought Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Cabbage Patch Kids to our living rooms. He made and lost fortunes. Can Al Kahn stay in the game?

    When Multilevel Marketing Met Gen Z

    Amelia Whelan used social media as an accelerant for her sales community. Then things blew up.