Phoenix’s LiveView: Client-Side Elixir At Last?

    Well, not exactly. But what they have done is pretty freaking amazing, so read on.

    How do you decaffeinate coffee?

    Some of us love the taste of coffee but can’t deal with the effects of caffeine. So how exactly do you take the caffeine out of a coffee bean?

    Henry – Rob Delaney – Medium

    Note: I wrote all of this except the last paragraph in April or May of 2017. I changed names as well, except for Henry’s. I’m on the bus to go see my son Henry at the hospital. I have to take him in…

    A New World Marathon Record Almost Defies Description

    A legendary Kenyan marathoner has once again redefined what humans are capable of.

    History Will Remember Mitch McConnell as One of the Very Worst

    The Senate Majority Leader is shameless in his disregard for democratic norms—and for shame itself.

    Maybe Just Don't Drink Coffee

    ♫ The best part of waking up is overwhelming anxiety in your cup ♫

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    Apple Picking Season Is Here. Don't You Want More Than a McIntosh?

    Dan Bussey has tracked down 17,000 varieties dating from Colonial times, the better to guarantee a world way beyond Red Delicious.