• Fitness

    Surf Legend Laird Hamilton Reveals the Workout and Diet Secrets Keeping Him Ripped at 57

    "There's no such thing as 100 percent. It's your ability to operate in discomfort."

    The Real Ghostbusters: The Rise And Fall of The Coolest Cartoon Of the 1980s

    The Real Ghostbusters was one of the coolest cartoons of its generation, and we have the inside story from the folks who made it happen.

    How did 30,000 Haitians get to Texas?

    After the assassination of Haiti’s president and a significant earthquake in Haiti’s southern peninsula, the logical next step seemed to be thousands of Haitians trying to enter the U.S. Haiti is in shambles; of course people want to escape. So not very many people were surprised when 30,000 Haitians arrived in Del Rio, Texas. But they should be surprsied! This is clear from the weirdest part of it: it happened in Texas!!

    A Woman of Color Cannot Save Your Workplace Culture

    Some managers view hiring as the solution to their 'diversity problem,' which is a problem they created by not hiring inclusively to begin with

    • Ideas

    How to Build a Society for All to Enjoy - Issue 107: The Edge - Nautilus

    Structuresstructure (noun): the arrangement of or relation between the parts of something complex; the organization of interrelated…

    • Biology

    The Rise of RNA Therapeutics - Issue 107: The Edge - Nautilus

    Most American newborns will arrive home from the hospital and start hitting their developmental milestones, to their parents’ delight.…

    • Node.js

    Guidelines for choosing a Node.js framework

    With lots of frameworks, and lots of strong opinions about which is "best", it's easy to feel a little lost.