The Myth of Authenticity Is Killing Tex-Mex

    Overshadowed by barbecue in its home state, Tex-Mex is the most important, least understood regional cuisine in America

    My Cow Game Extracted Your Facebook Data

    The Cambridge Analytica scandal is drawing attention to malicious data thieves and brokers. But every Facebook app—even the dumb, innocent ones—collected users’ personal data without even trying.

    • Winter 2017

    Singing Though the Heavens Fall: In Praise of the Dipper

    It’s been nearly a week of frigid, blustery weather — shoveling and re-shoveling, plowing and re-plowing, snow scuttling away and then coming back around, swirling up the benches on both sides of town and then down again, pushed by giant snorts of wind. It’s wrestling...

    A Twist in Our Sexual Encounters With Other Ancient Humans

    A new study suggests that early humans mated with the mysterious Denisovans in two separate waves.

    • Biology

    The Surprising Relativism of the Brain’s GPS - Issue 58: Self - Nautilus

    The first pieces of the brain’s “inner GPS” started coming to light in 1970. In the laboratories of University College London,…

    12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech – Humane Tech – Medium

    Tech is more important than ever, deeply affecting culture, politics and society. Given all the time we spend with our gadgets and apps…

    Prince Alwaleed’s 83-Day Detention in the Riyadh Ritz

    One of the world’s richest men opens up about his confinement by the Saudi government.