After single payer failed, Vermont embarks on a big health care experiment

    The underlying premise of the effort is simple: Reward doctors and hospitals financially when patients are healthy, not just when they come in sick. If successful, it could lead to big changes nationwide.

    More Rules for Launching Nukes Won't Make U.S. Safer

    It's not just about Trump: Decades of worry about a president's ability to strike alone haven't returned a better solution.

    Mathematicians Measure Infinities, Find They’re Equal | Quanta Magazine

    Two mathematicians have proved that two different infinities are equal in size, settling a long-standing question. Their proof rests on a surprising link between the sizes of infinities and the complexity of mathematical theories.

    Cuba mystery: Even Castro baffled by harm to US diplomats

    HAVANA (AP) — Raul Castro seemed rattled. The Cuban president sent for the top American envoy in the country to address grave concerns about a spate of U.S. diplomat

    How to Become the Best Programmer in the World

    I have no idea how to become the best programmer in the world. So I figured out the best way to get ahead is to learn from the all time…

    Hunting for a Canadian Legend: the Avro Arrow Jet Fighter

    Production of a Canadian supersonic jet fighter, was abruptly canceled almost 60 years ago. But the plane’s legend has grown ever since.