Neutrinos: The inscrutable “ghost particles” driving scientists crazy

    They hold the keys to new physics. If only we could understand them.

    A restaurant wanting a ‘grown and sexy’ vibe bans diners under 30

    A Missouri restaurant’s age minimums — women must be 30 or older, men 35 and up — is polarizing people.

    AI Will Become Mathematicians’ ‘Co-Pilot’

    Fields Medalist Terence Tao explains how proof checkers and AI programs are dramatically changing mathematics

    How to Build an AI Data Center

    This piece is the first in a new series from the Institute for Progress (IFP), called Compute in America: Building the Next Generation of AI Infrastructure at Home. In this series, we examine the challenges of accelerating the American AI data center buildout. Future pieces will be published

    Melancholia - TheMoneyIllusion

    During my recent trip to the Bay Area, I met lots of people who are involved in the field of AI. My general impression is that this region has more smart people than anywhere else, at least per capita. And not just fairly smart, I'm talking about extremely high IQ individuals. I don't claim to have met a representative cross

    Things I Wish I Knew Before Planning My First International Bike Tour – Ryan Wilson

    Over the last eight years, Ryan Wilson has been traveling all over the world by bike on an extended tour and has learned plenty of lessons planning trips along the way.  Below, Ryan dives into some of the most frequent questions that people ask when they're looking to plan their first bike tour. Back in 2015, I was living my normal adult life in Los Angeles, California.  I had never traveled outside of North America or even owned a passport.  I had only ever camped a handful...

    Lachlan Morton Wins 2024 Unbound Gravel: A Personal Reflection – Nic Morales & Richard Pool

    Last weekend, Lachlan Morton’s historic record-setting win at Unbound Gravel felt like a rare moment that all cycling fans could celebrate. The Australian pro rider’s journey has been anything but ordinary. For many of us at The Radavist, Lachy represents a soul rider who continually manages to rise above the drama of gravel racing and win for all the right reasons. Below, Nic Morales offers a meditation on what Morton’s victory in Emporia means to the broader cycling community...