The Untold Story of the Burpee

    If you were involved in military training or any kind of athletics, chances are you were punished by being ordered to drop into a squat…

    Slack made work sound cool. Can it keep up the illusion?

    The jokey way Slack talks is one of its most defining features. But what happens when the joke’s on you?

    Why I’m No Longer a Russiagate Skeptic

    Facts are piling up, and it’s getting harder to deny what’s staring us in the face.

    Why I Don't Buy Organic, And Why You Might Not Want To Either

    By all rights I should be an enthusiastic advocate of organic. I grew up helping my beloved grandfather in his organic garden in the 1960s. Some of our best friends in the late 1970s were pioneers in the development of the commercial organic industry. I’ve spent a significant proportion of my career developing biological and natural product-based pesticides which are applicable to organic. My problems with institutional organic are not about its founding ideals or organic farmers, but rather ab...

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    REST was NEVER about CRUD

    A popular myth is that REST-based APIs must be CRUD-based – that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is simply one pattern in our API design toolbox. This article outlines a variety of additional patterns available for REST-based APIs. The intent isn’t to be fully exhaustive, but to open the options for API designers uncertain about …

    • Matter

    Why Our Intuition About Sea-Level Rise Is Wrong - Issue 62: Systems - Nautilus

    Jerry Mitrovica has been overturning accepted wisdom for decades. A solid Earth geophysicist at Harvard, he studies the internal structure…

    • Education

    Education Is Performance Art

    Teller, of the entertainment duo Penn & Teller, explains how magic and discomfort made his teaching come alive.