Google’s unusual plan for disaster relief: just give survivors money

    The nonprofit GiveDirectly gives the poorest people money, no strings attached. They’re teaming up with Google for disaster relief efforts this hurricane season.

    How Life Sciences Actually Work: Findings of a Year-Long Investigation - Alexey Guzey

    Summary: academia has a lot of problems and it could work much better. However, these problems are not as catastrophic as an outside perspective would suggest. My (contrarian, I guess) intuition is that scientific progress in biology is not slowing down. Specific parts of academia that seem to be problematic: rigid, punishing for deviation, career progression; peer review; need to constantly fundraise for professors. Parts that seem to be less of a problem than I initially thought: …

    Opinion | When the Internet Chases You From Your Home

    How online mobs harassed the targets of Gamergate, Christine Blasey Ford and me.

    The world’s most famous explorers on how they handle high-stress situations

    Advice on how to keep calm in anxiety-inducing situations, from explorers who have been to the top of K2, the bottom of the ocean, and even outer space.

    The case against summer camp

    Behind the cabins and campfires, it’s an elitist and conservative institution.

    • Brakes & Suspension

    An Insider's Look At Shock Absorbers

    Shocks have been around for some time, but as the terrain and speeds we demanded of our vehicles grew, so did shock absorber technology. Let's look at some of this modern tech, how it works and how to work it.

    Driven to the end: Olympic cyclist Kelly Catlin could do it all. Until it all became too much.

    Kelly Catlin was a silver medalist and Stanford graduate student. At 23, she took her own life.