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    Authoritarians Distract Rather than Debate - Marginal REVOLUTION

    It’s long been known that the Chinese government hires people to support the government with fabricated posts on social media. In China these people are known as the “50c party”, so called because the posters were rumored to be paid 50 cents (5 jiao or about $.08) to write the posts. The precise nature and extent …

    It's a living - Circus is a traveling city with its own economy

    Alex Petrov is a Ringling Brothers star given his rare talent for racing a motorcycle across a thin, high wire. He can hold his own in the Globe of Steel, which looks like a Thunderdome death trap where three motorcyclists zoom past each other, often upside down inside the cage.

    Do bacterial species really exist and why should we care?

    by Kostas Konstantinidis and Roberto Kolter | The second part of the question in the title of this post is relative easy to answer; the first part is much more challenging. Defining bacterial species is not only an important academic exercise but also has major practical consequences. For example, infectious disease diagnoses, regulations involving the transport of bacteria, and educating the public regarding bacteria that are beneficial to humans, animals or plants are all deeply-rooted in nami...

    NFL Coaches Yell At Refs Because It Freakin’ Works

    In the first quarter of a scoreless 2016 AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos faced third-and-6 from their own 44-yard line. Wide receiver D…

    The Cosmos’ Fine-Tuning Does Not Imply a Fine-Tuner - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

    Bad ideas die hard, and then sometimes they come back to life. One such bad idea is the so-called design argument that goes something…

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    To Understand The Rust Belt, We Need To See Beyond Whiteness

    It’s strange to see the media turn its attention to places like my hometown in coal-country Pennsylvania and find that my experience there, as part of the non-white working class, is still invisible.

    Poorer men are being driven out of full-time work. Here’s why

    The south-east booms while other regions stagnate, and low-paid, part-time jobs proliferate – a smarter safety net is needed to remedy growing imbalances