Software engineers should read

    When you think for a living, reading is an essential skill.

    Opening A Time Capsule — Dynoing A 1990s NASCAR Engine in 2022

    Have you ever wondered how much power a NASCAR engine from the 1990s made? Well, Lake Speed, Jr did, so he dynoed his dad's old C3.

    • Motorcycles

    KTM Used Fuel Injection to Revamp Two-Stroke Engines

    The new technology allows these old-school bikes to perform closer to their modern counterparts.

    Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin - The Debrief

    In a Debrief exclusive, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean report that a former official says the U.S. has retrieved craft of non-human origin.

    Apple Vision

    Apple Vision is incredibly compelling, first as a product, and second as far as potential use cases. What it says about society, though, is a bit more pessimistic.

    What Happened When a Brooklyn Neighborhood Policed Itself for Five Days

    NEW YORK — It had been a quiet April afternoon until about a dozen teenagers began running up Pitkin Avenue in Brownsville, yelling and cursing. They were chasing a girl of about 14, and it was clear they wanted a fight. Five plainclothes police officers watched warily. Across Pitkin stood about a half-dozen men, civilians in jeans and purple-and-gray sweatshirts. “They got it,” an officer said. Sign up for The Morning newsletter from the New York Times The teenagers slowed...

    Building an Extension System on the Web

    Building an extension system is no small feat — especially on the Web. Here’s how it was implemented in Vrite…