I Quit Showering, and Life Continued

    We spend two full years of our lives washing ourselves. How much of that time (and money and water) is a waste?

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    Opinion | Men of the world: You are not the weather

    Yes, I mean you. Maybe you are one of the good ones, but I mean you. If I say "not everyone," you will think, "Oh, not me," and you will be wrong. So I mean you.

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    When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy

    As a young social psychologist, she played by the rules and won big: an influential study, a viral TED talk, a prestigious job at Harvard. Then, suddenly, the rules changed.

    Jacinda Ardern to be New Zealand's next prime minister after Labour coalition deal

    Kingmaker Winston Peters has announced his New Zealand First party will throw its support behind the Labour party

    Highest Hundred - Interview With The Long Ranger -

    Justin Simoni, "The Long Ranger," bikepacked and climbed Colorado's 100 highest peaks. The self-supported, non-stop trip required over 380K' of ascent...