How Some Shrinking Cities Are Still Prospering

    Shrinking cities that are prosperous have smaller, more-educated populations, and greater levels of income inequality.

    How Amazon Cloned a Neighborhood to Test Its Delivery Robots

    Amazon used cameras, lidar, and aerial photography to build a highly detailed digital map of a Seattle suburb, where it is testing Scout, its delivery robot.

    • Management

    Something New Is Fucked Up In My World Every Day

    This is one of my favorite lines to use to explain the business life I live. When asked what it’s like to be a partner in a VC firm, be on a bunch of boards, and have a continuous stream of random interaction come my way, I like to level set my reality. It’s simple. Something new is fucked up in my world every day. Now, just because something new is fucked up, doesn’t mean I’m unhappy. Quite the opposite – I’m usually happy, although when the pile of fuckedupn...

    The Republican Party Is Waging War Against Free and Fair Elections in This Country

    The Kris Kobach-led voter fraud commission is being exposed as a bigger scam with each passing day.

    • Infrastructure

    Uber’s Path of Destruction - American Affairs Journal

    Since it began operations in 2010, Uber has grown to the point where it now collects over $45 billion in gross passenger revenue, and it has seized a major share of the urban car service market. But the widespread belief that it is a highly innovative and successful company has no basis in economic reality. An examination of Uber’s economics suggests that it has no hope of ever earning sustainable urban car service profits in competitive markets...

    Meet Malta’s Popeye Village — A Film Set-Turned-Town

    Built as a backdrop for the 1980 cult film Popeye, this seaside village is a quirky time capsule of a cinematic past.

    How it Felt to Come Back to Life

    Coming back from near-death was a gracious endeavor, but it was also deeply heartbreaking