Reddit overhauls upvote algorithm to thwart cheaters and show the site’s true scale

    Reddit has just completed a major redo of its scoring algorithm aimed at cracking down on bots and vote brigades while also showing just how big the site has..

    Go Wet, Young Man

    Don't dismiss the idea of establishing human settlements at sea. Think of cruise ships.

    This Handheld Scanner Was Supposed to Change My Life, But I've Never Been More Disappointed In a Gadget

    Do you ever want a gadget to be good, and it’s not good? Like it’s bad? That’s the Dacuda Pocketscan, a $95 handheld scanner that looked like my dream tool. Instead, it proved to be a disappointing hunk of plastic that made me wish I lived 30 years in the future.

    Tony Hawk Reflects on 'The Search for Animal Chin,' the Greatest Skateboarding Video Ever

    Tony Hawk and the other members of the Bones Brigade look back on the 30th anniversary of 'The Search for Animal Chin."

    Why It's Nearly Impossible To Stop This Amazon and eBay Scheme

    This Amazon and eBay scheme is driving some entrepreneurs nuts.

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    Norway Proves That Treating Prison Inmates As Human Beings Actually Works

    "Treat people like dirt, and they will be dirt. Treat them like human beings, and they will act like human beings."

    Walmart’s Out-of-Control Crime Problem Is Driving Police Crazy

    The retailer’s aggressive cost cutting has unintended consequences.