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    The Elder Statesman of Latin American Literature — and a Writer of Our Moment

    Mario Vargas Llosa isn’t a household name among American readers. But at 81, he remains a literary and political colossus across the Spanish-speaking world, and his novels have never felt more relevant.

    Why It's so Hard to Actually Work in Shared Offices

    WeWork offers freelancers a chic workspace and beer on tap—but are people productive?

    'People, Places & Things' Is A Clear-Eyed Look At Addiction

    Irish playwright Duncan Macmillan's latest work follows an actress who goes into rehab after coming unhinged onstage. It's an unsentimental take on addiction and recovery that offers no easy answers.

    Kosovo Finds Little to Celebrate After 10 Years of Independence

    I first came to Kosovo nearly 20 years ago, when NATO intervened against Serbia in the war. A recent visit showed optimism yielding to fear and resignation.

    In Defense of Eating American Fast Food Abroad

    You haven't lived till you've had a Durian Oreo Blizzard.

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    Trek confidently rain or shine in the Shell, a tough, technical ultralight jacket

    A hands-on review of The Shell, Hyperlite Mountain Gear's ultralight, tough, and technical jacket. Made with Dyneema and eVent technology, this jacket performs excellently in rain or shine.