• An Engineer's Best Tips for Writing Documentation Devs Love

      It’s fun to watch an enthusiastic speaker sharing what they’ve learned. And at the PyCon 2022 conference earlier this year that speaker was Mason Egger, an engineer turned lead developer advocate at Gretel.AI, a platform offering synthetic /privacy-protecting data. Prior to Gretel, Egger was a developer advocate and community author at DigitalOcean, where, he told […]

    • Etsy CTO Q&A: We Need Software Engineers, Not Developers

      When it comes to the practice of DevOps, few companies have been on the cutting edge as long as Etsy, which once famously asserted that its new engineer hires would commit code to production after the first day of work. Don’t be fooled by the crafty look-and-feel of Etsy. Last year, the e-commerce giant brought in $2.39 …