• There Are Perfect Games, And Then There's What Roki Sasaki Just Did | Defector

      It’s always fun when you unexpectedly encounter an athletic performance that completely knocks you on your ass. That is what just happened to me, and probably many other baseball fans, who learned for the first time today about Roki Sasaki. I defy you to not experience every stage of Vince McMahon In Ecstasy as you […]

    • The Greatest Pool Player In History Just Wanted To Hustle | Defector

      This is an excerpt from Sports Stories, a weekly newsletter written by Eric Nusbaum and illustrated by Adam Villacin. Sports Stories covers the intersections of sports, history, and sports history. It’s free to subscribe, which we recommend you do here.  Efren Reyes would rather not have become the most famous and universally praised pool player in the […]

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    • How Baseball Was Solved, And Where It Got Us

      Defector has partnered with Baseball Prospectus to bring you a taste of their work. They write good shit that we think you’ll like. If you do like it, we encourage you to check out their site and subscribe. This story was originally published at Baseball Prospectus on Nov. 12. One of the codewords, the half-drawn fishes in […]